ITP alumni are making huge impacts in the interactive media landscape.

The founder of Foursquare. A MacArthur “genius grant” recipient. An interactive light artist who rigged up the San Francisco Bay Bridge. The creator of an inexpensive water testing device. The creator of a mobile app that assists in family re-unification during times of natural disasters and international crises. The creator of window farms that allow you to grow your own produce at home.

All of these people are ITP alumni. And there are thousands more.

ITP alumni tend to find jobs in all industries doing many different kinds of work. Because we have such a diverse population of students coming from all different backgrounds, the type of work that is available to the ITP alumni is equally diverse. Many start their own businesses. Some become successful artists. Others work for large and small companies and agencies in all industries such as the non-profit sector, education, the art world and museums, exhibit and installation design, advertising, and media, to name just a few. Many of our alumni freelance to take on wildly creative projects all over the world.


Here is a very small sampling of a few of our alumni. You can also check out our People Directory.