New!! BFA conservatory training in the Open Arts Program.

Collaborative Arts is an innovative new degree in the Open Arts Program at Tisch where students get hands-on training in a wide variety of artistic disciplines. Our students acquire foundational knowledge and develop their skills in the areas represented by Tisch’s three divisions: the Institute of Performing Arts, Emerging Media, and the Kanbar Center for Film & Television. Artists of all types are required to work both inside and outside their areas of interest:  creating cutting-edge multidisciplinary arts projects that are performed and/or exhibited, as they gain invaluable experience in producing and entrepreneurship. Whether it is directing a show, choreographing a dance, or conducting creative research, the Open Arts Program’s BFA in Collaborative Arts nurtures self-starters who want to engage in multi-disciplinary work, generate projects, address complex themes, and refine their artistic vision.

The Collaborative Arts Program seeks multi-disciplinary students open to discovering new ways of making and thinking about art. We look for creative experimentalists - young artists eager to enhance their natural talents with newly-acquired skills, gaining proficiency in more than one medium. Following a first-year immersion in the program’s foundational areas - Movement/Performance, Writing/Theorizing, Filmmaking, Art and Emerging Technology - students go on to tackle new forms and technologies, empowering them to become artists confident as both do-it-yourself initiators and collaborators. Our BFA is founded on the tenet that an aptitude in more than one discipline combined with an openness toward play will best prepare the artist of the future. Collaborative Arts provides the ideal opportunity for “self-motivated cooperation”: we give you cutting-edge tools to develop your craft, you engage in creative play with others. The program culminates for each student with a capstone, co-created work.


Collaborative Arts BFA at Tisch School of the Arts