New!! BFA conservatory training in the Open Arts Program

Collaborative Arts is an innovative new degree in the Open Arts Program at Tisch where students get hands-on training in a wide variety of artistic disciplines. Our students acquire foundational knowledge in acting, dance, filmmaking, design, creative research, emerging media, and dramatic writing. Artists of all types enter the degree program and are required to develop skills both inside and outside their areas of interest, to learn how to collaborate and how to lead. Our students are required to focus on at least two areas of artistic concentration. Instigators, facilitators, and leaders, they work together to create cutting-edge interdisciplinary arts projects that are performed and exhibited - and they gain invaluable experience in producing and entrepreneurship in the arts.

Whether it is producing a show, choreographing a dance, or conducting creative research, extraordinary results come from exploring ideas as a collective. In the Open Arts Program’s BFA in Collaborative Arts, we nurture students who are inspired to work with others - students motivated to create art, generate projects, and implement change through their combined artistic vision.


Collaborative Arts BFA at Tisch School of the Arts