Apply to Collaborative Arts

Applications Open August 1, 2020

Who Should Apply

The Collaborative Arts program is ideal for students with a rich diversity of talents who crave a wide variety of experiences. We’re looking for independent minded students, who are motivated to challenge themselves and work with other artists to generate interdisciplinary projects. Our students are curious, willing to take risks, and interested in exploring the wonderful possibilities of working between disciplines.

There are two required components to complete your application. Applicants to the new BFA in Collaborative Arts must complete both the NYU Common Application as well as submit a creative portfolio.

Please see below for the updated creative portfolio requirements. 

1. NYU Common Application

You must complete the Common Application with the NYU Supplement. Please refer to NYU Undergraduate Admissions for more information about applying to NYU. 

2. Creative Portfolio

You must prepare a four-part creative portfolio and submit via the Artistic Review portal (NOTE: a couple of days after you submit the Common App, you will receive an email from NYU with a personalized link to the Artistic Review portal. If you are applying as a transfer student, you will receive this link after the new calendar year). 

PART 1: Resume

Please submit a one-page resume that includes:

1) creative and academic work

2) special skills

3) activities and hobbies

PART 2: Essay (part a & b)

Our program is geared toward emerging artists who are eager to explore different disciplines and to create work in collaboration with others. 

When you enter the program, you are not expected to be skilled in every discipline. We will provide foundational training in each broad area: —text, image-making and manipulation, performance, emerging media technology—to help you to become a multidisciplinary artist. 

Please answer the following two-part essay and imagine that you have all the resources that you need to collaborate with other artists and create an original work – in response to the following prompts: 

PART A: Choose one piece from your submissions (see part 4 below) and tell us how you could imagine augmenting, reinterpreting, or enhancing your work by collaborating with another artist to create a new, multi-disciplinary art piece. Describe the piece in your response in 300-500 words. 

PART B: Provided below are links to five notable photographs. Choose one and think about the issues, emotions, and story within that photograph. Describe in 300-500 words how you would create a multidisciplinary piece inspired by the photograph.

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Seville Spain, 1933

Gordon Parks, Ondria Tanner and Her Grandmother Window-shopping, Mobile, Alabama, 1956

Gregory Crewdson, Untitled, 2001

Silvia Grav, Untitled, 2012

Nan Goldin, French Chris at the Drive-in, NJ, 1979

If you have any issues accessing the photographs, please reach out to Colleen Seeber at 

Part 3: Interview Video

Using a cellphone or laptop, record yourself in a interview style video within which you respond to the following prompt. Videos should be a miniumum of 1 minute, and a maximum of 2 minutes. 
Prompt: Our BFA program provides a wide breadth of experience within different artistic disciplines. There will be areas of study that you excel in and areas of study which are completely new to you.  Tell us what excites you about that and what you think will be your greatest challenges. 

*PLEASE NOTE - All interview videos must show your face in a clear light, not in silhouette in front of bright objects like windows. Your voice must also be clearly heard (record the video in a quiet space).  If you choose to move your position at some point during your interview video, please make sure that you are at portrait size (approximately head and upper torso) for at least a significant portion of the video. 


PART 4: Artistic Submission

Please submit TWO SAMPLES of your original work that you think best expresses your strengths as an artist. If possible, provide two samples that involve distinctly different disciplines (e.g., a text-oriented piece and a performance-oriented piece). Your samples may fit within the traditional artistic disciplines, or they may blur the lines between them. Listed below are some examples of artistic work that you may submit. You are not limited to these specific types of work, but please follow time and length guidelines. (e.g., if you submit a video of you performing that is similar to a monologue, and it is not a traditional monologue, it must still be under 2 minutes in length). You must also clearly indicate your role in each submission.

A) Performance: 

  • Monologue: 2 minutes length maximum. A video of your solo performance consisting of a piece that incorporates text and performance, such as a monologue drawn from a contemporary play or movie (i.e., 20th century - present). Other types of performance pieces are: spoken word, TED talk, poetry reading, “The Moth” type storytelling, standup comedy, podcast, etc. If you are performing from another author’s work, please state the author’s name and the title of the work.
  • Movement: 5 minutes in length maximum. A video consisting of one movement piece that you either choreographed or in which you were a featured dancer. Please provide a brief statement about the piece explaining your goals and participation in the work.

B) Visual Imagery:     

  • Short film: Short film or excerpts from a longer piece. 5 minutes in length maximum. The sample can be live action, animation, fictional, experimental, or documentary.     
  • A portfolio of images: minimum of 5 images, maximum of 10 images. Images should be pieces of your original work from visual arts disciplines, such as photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, set design, or mixed-media art. Include a brief statement explaining the work and documenting your process.

C) Writing:

  • A 5-8 page sample of a stage play, screenplay or script for television. Ideally, this excerpt will demonstrate an ability to propel traditional narrative storytelling through characters in conflict.

D) Technology, Music, and Emerging Media:

  • Digital artwork, computer graphics or animation, game, manipulation of hardware, software, electronics, code, or the web. Did you build a musical instrument out of an old blender? Did you incorporate VR in a multi-media installation? Then this is your category. Include a brief statement describing the work and your part in its creation. Include video and/or audio documentation, or up to 10 images, and a URL if applicable.
  • Music: A recording of your original music composition or song. You can submit up to two tracks for a total of 5 minutes maximum. Include a brief statement describing the work and your part in its creation. Include video and/or audio documentation and a URL if applicable.



Application and Creative Portfolio Deadlines 

Freshman Early Decision 1: Common Application due November 1st, Creative Portfolio uploaded by November 6th

Freshman Early Decision 2: Common Application due January 1st, Creative Portfolio uploaded by January 6th 

Freshman Regular Decision: Common Application due January 5th, Creative Portfolio uploaded by January 6th

Internal Transfer/Change of Major/Double Major: uploaded by March 1st

External Transfer: uploaded by April 1st