Learn how to identify, execute, and market a good story in film, television, and branded content.

Producing is an art form and business profession. A global, thinking artist is able to lead a film, television, or media project from concept to completion. Innovative and entrepreneurial producers require specialized skill sets to develop a creative product from fundraising to casting; selecting a director and crew; scheduling and managing production, post-production, and marketing to get the finished project to the screen. 

The Master of Arts (MA) in Producing is a 32-credit online program. Learn to produce creative content in the digital marketplace and from indie and large-scale production to streaming services. Students explore various forms of narrative structure and other important elements that contribute to the success of a film or television show, or branded content. Learn management elements, from the breakdown of the script to completion of principal photography. Understand not only new technologies like virtual production, but also legal matters and what it takes to get a project to market. 

This 15-month program is designed to be flexible for working professionals. Students will work together on coursework and projects while taking a majority of their classes asynchronously with synchronous sessions taking place once a week for 75-90 minutes. Students can take the program from anywhere in the world. The degree is obtained entirely online, with an optional opportunity for an applied in-person experience with film and television professionals at an industry film festival.


Still image of the MA in Producing video