Challenge yourself to reach your true artistic potential as a high school student.

Tisch commuter, online, and residential programs for high school students are a way for you to develop your talents and explore the possibilities of a career in the arts. We encourage creativity and self-expression while providing you with a foundation for collaboration. The rigorous, professional training you receive is an outgrowth of the undergraduate programs, offering you an immersive experience in emerging media and the performing and cinematic arts. The high school programs taught by our full-time faculty are intense, engaging and structured; created to give you an enriching college experience. 

High school drama students in an acting studio

Tisch Summer High School Four-Week Residential Program

This residential program is not a leisure summer camp; it is a commitment of four weeks on campus that encompasses a highly structured class schedule, which include projects, professional training, and collaboration. Tracks include: Dance, Drama, Production & Design, Dramatic Writing, Filmmaking, Game Design, Photography and Imaging, and Recorded Music. The Tisch Summer High School Program is tuition-based and culminates in four to six college credits (units).

Summer High School Residential Program Artistic Tracks and Admissions Information
Marissa Michel holding a DSLR camera filming outside

Online High School Filmmakers Workshop

High school first-years, sophomores, juniors, and seniors will work in online crews and collaborate to direct, shoot, and edit music videos and short films. Special emphasis is placed on storytelling through visual language. You’ll develop your writing, directing, shooting, and editing skills, and participate in screenings of significant works, master classes, and discussions with industry professionals/Tisch faculty. This program culminates in four college credits (units).

Online High School Filmmakers Workshop Program and Admissions Information
Student holding a screenplay, looking down as she writes

Online High School Screenwriters Workshop

Learn the basic principles of writing for film and television in the Online High School Screenwriters Workshop. You will develop story ideas and characters, and learn film language and script structure. The workshop culminates with submitted scenes, a short screenplay, a synopsis of a feature film and television series, plus four college credits (units).

Online High School Screenwriters Workshop Program and Admissions Information
Student at a mixing board at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music

Spring Future Artists Program

The Spring Future Artists Program is free of charge and offered to students in the Tri-state area. It is designed for students who may not have access to other programs in their schools and/or communities and who would qualify for financial aid at NYU. This program requires a 14-week commitment on Saturdays 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from early February through mid-May, and is taught by faculty from the undergraduate departments.

Future Artists Program and Admissions Information
High school student wearing a backwards denim baseball cap and black t-shirt writes in a notebook. A second student wearing glasses and a maroon shirt sits to his left.

NYU PreCollege

Earn college credit across a number of artistic disciplines, including casting and auditioning, dramatic writing, producing for film and television, and more. NYU Precollege is open to all current high school sophomores and juniors.

NYU PreCollege Program and Admissions Information

Students in need of accessibility-related information who are considering Tisch high school programs should contact the Moses Center for Student Accessibility. An Accessibility Specialist is available via Zoom each weekday (excluding University holidays) from 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. ET to discuss accessibility and possible accommodations at NYU. Email to request a Zoom link. Additional information and resources are available on the Moses Center for Student Accessibility website.