ITP | IMA offers four programs focused on creative and meaningful application of interactive tools and media.

Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP - graduate)

ITP’s mission is to explore the imaginative use of communications technologies—how they might augment, improve, and bring delight, utility and meaning into people's lives. Students earn a terminal Master's degree after two years of intensive technical, creative and conceptual work. The application for Fall 2024 cycle is now open and is due on December 1, 2023. Apply now!

For a good representation of the type of work that happens at ITP, see the ITP 2023 thesis project archive!

Interactive Media Arts (IMA – undergraduate)

IMA is an undergraduate program for students who want to explore the creative possibilities of technology and interactivity. Students achieve technical fluency in a wide variety of emerging forms of media and study the cultural and societal effects alongside a world class education in the liberal arts. Apply for the Fall 2024 term! Apply now to earn your BFA at IMA, NYU!

IMA Low Residency Program (IMA Low Res – graduate)

Low Res is a unique one-year graduate school experience in creative and meaningful application of technology that offers three site-specific sessions across the University’s Global Network interspersed by two semesters of online learning.

For a good representation of the type of work that happens at IMA Low Res, see the IMA Low Res 2022 thesis project archive!

The application for the Summer 2024 cycle is now open and is due on December 15, 2023. Apply now!

ITP Camp (non-degree)

Applications for ITP Camp Summer 2024 will be available in early 2024. Please check back then. For now you can look at the 2023 site.

ITP Camp provides a 4-week creative and cooperative playground for exploring the latest possibilities with expressive technologies. This camp is for adult makers, artists, designers, technologists, musicians, programmers, fabricators and creatives at all stages of their careers and practices.


ITP/IMA Staff and faculty are working on a mixed schedule of in-person and remote. For assistance, you can always use our People Page for contact information, or address questions to:

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