IMA Low Res Graduate Courses

person turns interactive dial from show piece that reads "education"

Similar to both ITP and IMA, the Low Res MA in Interactive Media Arts will leverage a project-based curriculum as a vehicle to explore the intersection of emerging media and humanistic values. Aspects of computer science, engineering, and design will be fused with arts and humanities in a workshop-style approach to learning. Instruction will focus on demystifying the inner workings of computational technologies, facilitating production and practice-based research, encouraging critical investigation, and fostering discussion through multi-disciplinary lenses.

With the support of faculty and staff, Low Res students will learn how to design and develop interactive projects that involve the creative use of software, hardware and digital media. A technical background is not necessary – students will be provided with guidance to develop the skills necessary to realize their ideas. While you will learn how to make things, the more important inquiries will be around whowhat and why..

The program diverges from its predecessors through both its global and distance learning components. Each location, both online and offline, offers a compelling space to pose questions and challenge ideas related to today’s interactive media ecosystems.  In-person sessions will allow for engagement with local communities, public spaces, civic policies, social and cultural norms, and historical precedent. Online sessions will be used to facilitate distributed collaboration and personalized learning across cities and time-zones. While at home, students will be encouraged to integrate their personal and professional experiences in both their research and their project work.