A Place for Creative Exploration, Discovery, and Collaboration.


Welcome to Open Arts, the location for interdisciplinary arts practice and research at Tisch. Open Arts is the crossroads learning space at Tisch, where NYU students from all majors come to apply their training, challenge their viewpoints, and expand their practice. The strength of the Open Arts experience is derived from this creative exchange of different academic backgrounds, artistic disciplines and scholarly pursuits. Open Arts is home to a wide range of courses in the performing, cinematic and emerging media and digital arts, open to all students at NYU.

Open Arts is also the location of an exciting new BFA in Collaborative Arts, a program designed to emphasize multi- and interdisciplinary arts disciplines and research with a focus on the study and practice of collaboration across the arts.


Most Open Arts courses are specially designed to give NYU students introductory exposure, foundational and/or intermediate knowledge, and hands-on experience in various artistic fields. In these courses, every student has the opportunity to integrate and apply arts practice and process to their own field of study, and to engage in creative interaction with a wide range of students across the university. Many Open Arts courses also fulfill requirements and electives for Tisch Minors. Students should consult their own department advisor to determine how the courses will allocate to a particular degree at NYU.

NYU students: check out the Open Arts course list and discover a course for you! 


Degree-seeking students: Learn more about the NEW BFA in Collaborative Arts!


No matter your discipline, your field of study, your path in life, Open Arts can be the portal to a life with the arts – and that is a glorious, engaged, lively and exhilarating life indeed.

Mary Bitel

Mary Bitel

Chair, Open Arts & Collaborative Arts