Collaborative Arts BFA/Open Arts Program Full Time Faculty

Collaborative Arts BFA/Open Arts Program full-time faculty are professional artists and scholars from across artistic disciplines who are committed to bringing hands-on arts courses, specialized seminars, collaborative interdisciplinary workshops, and arts studies courses to students. They design and implement curriculum, teach both core required and elective courses, and act as mentors for our Collaborative Arts Majors.

Administrators & Staff

Open Arts Program Faculty

Open Arts Program faculty teach courses that are open to all majors at NYU. These multi-disciplinary courses are either practical training or studies/humanities courses in which students engage with each other from different majors across the University to explore various forms of art. These vibrant classrooms are essential to the breadth of artistic study in the Collaborative Arts BFA are required elective classes for Collaborative Arts majors.


Open Arts Full Time Faculty

Open Arts Adjunct Faculty