Get applicable skills in storytelling in ways that are fitting for you. Take non-credit/non-degree courses online or join us in New York City. Enroll in Tisch courses for an introduction to artistic industries or select from courses that will give you opportunities for hands-on training. Build your creative skillset and get experience for that next move in your career.

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Tisch Pro Online Courses

Register for online, non-credit courses offered throughout the year. Asynchronous courses with pre-recorded lectures and scheduled faculty meetings are a convenient way to develop your artistic voice and grow your professional network.

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Non-Credit Certificates

Tisch offers non-credit certificates in Filmmaking, Screenwriting, Television Writing, or Producing. Courses are practice-based, giving you the training needed to apply craft and techniques outside the classroom. Courses are offered in person and online.

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January Term Non-Credit Courses

Take non-credit classes as a visiting student during the winter session. Areas of study include acting, cinema studies, dance, game design, photography, producing, recorded music, and more.

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Summer Non-Credit Courses

Take non-credit courses a la carte or a selection of courses for a non-credit certificate.

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Animation Industry Essentials

The animation industry is rapidly evolving and dominates what we watch and how we play. This 100% online course covers the principles of animation, the current production pipeline and the future of the industry. Video-based lessons are led by NYU Tisch faculty and working animators.

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Business of Entertainment

The entertainment landscape has been upended by streaming and emerging technologies. This fully online program offers industry tracks in Film & Television, Music & Audio, Gaming, and Live Performance to give practical knowledge through real-world case studies.

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Film & TV Industry Essentials

Explore the possibilities of a career in the film and television industry. This fully online overview consists of five modules, giving you a foundation in topics such as The Fundamentals of Film, The Fundamentals of Television, Understanding the Production Process, Production as a Business, and Marketing and Distribution.

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Music Industry Essentials

Build a foundation for a career in the music industry. The fully online modules provide a holistic approach to the skillset needed in the industry. Topics include Creativity in Content & Artistry, Producing the Record, and Building Your Image.

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Performing Arts Industry Essentials

Discover careers in the performing arts industry with this fully online overview. The five modules will cover The Performing Arts Landscape, Getting It Off the Ground, Setting the Stage, The Performance, and After Opening Night and the Wider World of Performance.

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