Animation Industry Essentials


Still image from the Animation Industry Essentials promo video

Animation Industry Essentials is a non credit online certificate program for anyone looking to learn more about the rapidly evolving animation industry. This program is taught by faculty from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, along with working animators and executives from leading animation studios including Disney, DreamWorks, and Netflix. In partnership with Yellowbrick, the program is fully online, on-demand, and available worldwide!

Whether you’re considering a career as an animator or looking to expand your knowledge of an industry becoming increasingly more intertwined in the entertainment and commercial landscape, this course will give you the educational foundation you need to plan your next career steps. The 15-hour plus course includes five online course modules and related skill-building activities

Topics discussed include:

  • Animation Principles

  • Work & Careers in the Modern Industry

  • 2D Animation Pipeline

  • 3D Animation Pipeline

  • Business & Marketing in Animation

If you're interested in breaking into or advancing in the animation industry, this online enrichment certificate program is a great place to start!