Tisch School of the Arts offers in person and online artistic training.

Take classes in New York City or Los Angeles. Study abroad at one of our eight international locations. Build your network and collaborate with artists from around the world through an online course. 

Courses in emerging media and the performing and cinematic arts are open to NYU and visiting college students, high school students, working professionals, and adult learners. Whether you are exploring the arts for the first time and need a beginner's course or want advanced training in your current craft, Tisch provides opportunities for your next move. Credit and non-credit courses are available.

"Many things felt remarkable about the Workshop to me but the one that meant the most was the ability to receive feedback from professors. I have taken a Media Arts class every year in high school and have never been able to develop the way I did well at NYU ever before. Working with well-versed professors felt invaluable to me."

- Marcus Oringer

Summer 2023 Online High School Filmmakers Workshop