Tisch Parents' Council

Message from Alexandra Thomopoulos Colombos & Nick Colombos
Co-Chairs, 2024-2025

Alexandra Thomopoulos Colombos & NicK Colombos, PARENTS' COUNCIL CO-CHAIRS

Alexandra Thomopoulos Colombos & NicK Colombos, PARENTS' COUNCIL CO-CHAIRS

Dear Tisch families and friends,

On behalf of the Tisch Parents' Council we extend our heartfelt welcome! We are proud to be a part of a vibrant group of parents that is dedicated to enriching the experiences of all students at Tisch. Throughout our engagement in the Council over the years we have had many meaningful interactions that have connected us to Tisch and its incredible spirit, which truly resonates with us. As part of the Council, there are many exciting opportunities to foster your relationship with the school and to enhance your connection to your child’s journey. It is all about supporting the school, strengthening ties and fostering a strong sense of belonging for all families. We invite you to join our close-knit community and be part of the Tisch Parents’ Council. We believe in the power of working together to make a positive impact! Welcome to NYU Tisch School of the Arts!

Alexandra & Nick  

What is the Tisch Parents' Council?

The Tisch Parents’ Council is a group of philanthropic families who wish to be involved with their child’s school. These members may attend meetings, social gatherings, and special events where they have opportunities to provide feedback and exchange perspectives with the Dean, the faculty, and administrative leadership of the school. 


A minimum gift of $10,000 to any program or fund within the Tisch School qualifies for 12-month membership from the date of the gift. Parents may support the Tisch Parents fund, scholarships, or an aspect of their child's department -- such as production funds for the Drama or Film & TV departments. 

In the past three years, Tisch parents have donated over $5M to funds such as scholarships, pipeline programs, production funds, career development, alumni mentor programs, and unrestricted funds at the discretion of the school’s leadership. All this to say that parents' philanthropic support is critical to the education we offer at Tisch.


One of the most exciting events is the annual Tisch Gala fundraiser – a dazzling night of entertainment by Tisch students and distinguished alumni.


To learn more about the Tisch Parents' Council,
contact Laurel Bear at 212-992-8462 or laurel.bear@nyu.edu.