Planning a career as a designer for theatre, film, opera, dance, and television? The Department of Design for Stage and Film will get you there.  

The Department of Design for Stage and Film at NYU/Tisch School of the Arts is a diverse community of theater and film artists. Our 3 year MFA (Graduate) program educates future generations of theater and film designers who, like our faculty and alumni before them, will have a profound impact on the arts through their design work.  

As theater and film artists, we are storytellers, and we teach our students to tell stories through meticulous research, the disciplined practice of craft, deep dramaturgical exploration of text, unimpeded creativity, and profound respect for the cultures and identities of the stories and characters we explore. 

Students in our three-year Master of Fine Arts degree program benefit from the knowledge and professional practice of a faculty comprising some of the top theater and film professionals in the world, close proximity to every type of performing and media art imaginable, and all of the advantages of living and studying in New York City, a unique global center for the arts. Full and partial tuition scholarships (both need and merit-based) available to all students.


Meet some of our current students