Scholarships & Financial Aid

The Department of Design for Stage and Film offers various types of financial aid.

We are aware of the potentially high cost associated with a three-year graduate program. But please don't let concerns about finances keep you from applying. Full-tuition fellowships and partial-tuition scholarships are available. Awards are made on the basis of artistic excellence, demonstrated ability, professional promise, and financial need. Fellowships and tuition scholarships are applied toward the cost of tuition.

We also offer Production Associate (PA) positions. PA positions are available in all areas of production - carpentry, electrics, painting, props, costume construction and graphic design. Professional skills, recommendations, maturity, and the ability to work collaboratively are some of the factors that are most highly considered. Students who hold PA positions receive an hourly wage and are required to work approximately 20 hours per week. PA positions are not linked to fellowships or scholarships in any way and do not qualify students for tuition remission. 

There is no separate application for Design Department scholarships. All students are automatically considered for academic merit-based and financial need-based scholarships after applying for admission and financial aid (applicants planning to file should so indicate on the admission application). Students who are U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens and who wish to be considered for financial aid must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

We recognize that most design students are in serious need of financial assistance, and we do our very best to provide some amount of financial support to each student who has indicated need. You are encouraged to look for any outside source of aid as well.

Admissions decisions are not based upon your indication of financial need.

Note for International students: Fellowships, scholarships, and PA positions may be awarded to International Students in the Department of Design for Stage and Film. You must indicate that you require financial assistance at the time of your
portfolio interview.

For additional information please contact us.