Course Offerings

Each September we welcome a class of 18 designers of scenery, costumes, lighting, and film into our three-year Master of Fine Arts program.

Rigorous and demanding, we have high expectations for you, yet you’ll find us supportive and eager to see you succeed. We firmly believe that you are unique, and our program aims to protect and nurture the individuality of each designer.

Through a series of carefully orchestrated courses, you will develop an individual design process. Taught by a faculty of working professionals at the top of the field, you’ll focus on the development of visual solutions based on in-depth text analysis, character study, the use of research to explore historical and sociological aspects of cultures, and the collaborative nature of the theatre.

The Design Department focuses on developing the designer in five separate areas: design, dramaturgy, production, and 2D/3D skills. The student is taught the importance of developing a project from the initial idea and presentation to putting it into a shop and making it a reality.

Set Design

Classes with weekly critiques develop over the three years with larger and more complex texts. See all Classes

Costume Design

Classes focus on the developing idea of character and clothing design in connection to a text. See all Classes

Lighting Design

Classes involve theoretical and practical training emphasizing text analysis, concept development, collaboration with other designers, and technical knowledge. See all Classes

Production Design

Classes in design for film are taught concurrently with set design. See all Classes