Cultivate your passion. Take risks. Nurture innovation. Become an entrepreneur.

The Clive Davis Institute is the first and only program of its kind to provide professional business and artistic training toward a BFA in Recorded Music. We aim to provide students with the necessary skills — business, creative, and intellectual — so that they might emerge as visionary creative entrepreneurs in the evolving music industry.

We encourage students to develop innovative musical ideas and envision new music business models, work collaboratively, cultivate both intellectual rigor and a willingness to experiment artistically, and to assume leadership roles in the art and commerce of creating and selling recorded music. And with the grand opening of our Brooklyn facility at 370 Jay Street - NYU's new home for engineers, research scientists, game designers, media artists, and musicians to all interact and collaborate under one roof - we will be able to contribute to NYU's goal of becoming the world center for creative engineering and technology innovation.

Students who enroll have a wide range of aspirations. Some aspire to become CEOs of record labels. Some aspire to become record producers who helm successful production companies. And others are performing artists or music critics who want to develop their business acumen so that they might build a successful brand.

Our industry has always been driven by creative entrepreneurs who have transformed the music business through vision, innovation and strategy. I wanted to create a program to help nurture future generations of creative music entrepreneurs who excel at the crossroads of art, business and technology.

Clive Davis

Clive Davis

Chief Creative Officer, Sony Music