Summer Courses for Visiting Students

Due to COVID-19, NYU Summer 2020 courses will be offered online.

Do something cool with your summer vacation! Non-majors and visiting students get access to our summer offerings, ranging from Branding and Music Licensing to Songwriting and Production.

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"Quick list" of classes

Below is a quick list of classes.  To see full course descriptions and enroll, please see our schedule via Albert.

THREE-WEEK CLASSES - CDI First Session (6/15 to 7/2)

REMU-UT 1020 (NCRD-UT 8520) Fundamentals of Audio Workstations I (with ProTools certification)
Mon - Th 12:00 - 2:30PM, 2 credits

REMU-UT 1501 (NCRD-UT 8501) Studio Recording for the Modern Producer/Engineer I
Mon - Th 3:00 - 5:30PM, 3 credits

REMU-UT 1016 (NCRD-UT 8569) The Virtual Producer: Beats & Beatmaking
Mon & Wed 6:00 - 9:10 PM, 2 credits

REMU-UT 1094 (NCRD-UT 8525) Songwriting Intensive: Writing the Hit Song
Mon & Wed 11:30 AM - 2:40 PM, 2 credits

REMU-UT 1052 (NCRD-UT 8552) Mix Intensive
Tues & Thurs 6:00 - 9:10 PM, 2 credits

REMU-UT 1241 (NCRD-UT 8526) Music Licensing Lab
Tues & Thurs 5:00 - 8:10 PM, 2 credits

THREE-WEEK CLASSES - Second session (7/6 to 7/24)

REMU-UT 1021 (NCRD-UT 8521) Fundamentals of Audio Workstations II
Mon, Wed, Fri 1:45 - 4:30 PM, 2 credits

REMU-UT 1231 (NCRD-UT 8531) The Future of the Music Streaming Economy
Tu & Th 12:00 - 3:10 PM 2 credits

REMU-UT 1251 (NCRD-UT 8551) The Basics of Branding
Mon & Wed 6:00 - 9:10 PM, 2 credits



To enroll in the Summer Music Industry Intensive, you must first apply via the Summer in NYC Visiting Student Application. International students must apply before March 15.  

Note: processing time for visiting student applications is approximately 1-2 weeks. Once you have been processed as a visiting student in the NYU registration system, you will be able to register for your selected Clive Davis Institute Intensive courses beginning in February.


Visit the Tuition and Fees page to see a breakdown of all costs associated with the Summer Music Industry Intensive.

Please note that we also have non-credit versions of most courses. The costs for those courses are displayed in NYU's Enrollment system (Albert).