Innovation in Global Music and Arts Education

The Clive Davis Institute is proud to be an innovator in, and unique contributor to, the future of global music and arts education. Unlike any other program of its kind, studying one semester away is a mandatory component of the Recorded Music curriculum in the junior year. While students may elect to study at any one of NYU's many global sites, the Clive Davis Institute has launched a Berlin satellite program, specially curated for 24 Recorded Music juniors every fall semester. 

Drawing on the strengths of Berlin as a multicultural world capital and a preeminent destination for musical and sonic innovation, The Clive Davis Institute x Berlin program will encourage students to consider – and contribute to – the future of popular music. With a strong focus on German and European experimental traditions and the historical avant-garde, the program has been designed to encourage students to help create pop music’s future sounds and business and technology ideas.

Taught by top Berlin-based working professionals and educators covering areas like production, business, technology, performance, songwriting and journalism, our courses investigate subjects ranging from the history of electronic and avant-garde music in Germany to futuristic/experimental approaches to performing on stage and producing music in and out of the recording studio. 

Berlin skyline

Clive Davis Institute x Berlin: Future Pop Music Studies

Come learn about - and help create - the future of global popular music in Europe's most exciting, vibrant metropolis.

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Havana photo

Clive Davis Institute x Havana: The Cuban Music Scene

Perhaps the most influential regional music of the recorded era, Cuban music has indelibly transformed the sound of music everywhere. Come discover the musical history of this incredible island nation.

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