The minds of Cinema Studies students start whirring when the title credits roll. They know movements in film history backwards and forwards, and have a favorite New Wave.

During their time here, Cinema Studies students will hone their critical voice, develop a trained eye and ear, and practice in-depth, careful analysis of moving images. NYU’s Cinema Studies Department was one of the first university departments in the country devoted to film history, theory, and aesthetics. Over time our focus has expanded to include broadcast television, video art, and digital media. After years of being steeped in an interdisciplinary, international approach, many alumni go on to careers in museum film departments, archives, and programming; journalism; or in the film industry as filmmakers, screenwriters, and editors.

Moving images, and the sounds that frequently accompany them, matter in our lives — politically, culturally, artistically. Cinema Studies at NYU offers historical and theoretical frameworks to understand the resonances of moving image culture, especially in the fraught global context of the 21st century.

Dana Polan, Cinema Studies Professor

Dana Polan