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Your support directly impacts the next generation of great artists, scholars, and storytellers. Thanks to you, we will continue to put students first.

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...Tisch students have the resources they need today. 

A gift to the Tisch Dean's Discretionary Fund will enable the school to immediately respond to the quickly arising needs of our student community, such as food insecurity, emergency needs, and more.

...Tisch students have the resources they need tomorrow.

A gift to the Tisch Scholarship Fund will provide aid to deserving, talented students in need of financial support.

...Tisch alumni have the resources and support they need to thrive after graduation.

A gift to the Tisch Alumni Program Fund will provide alumni programming and resources after graduation. From networking events, workshops, mentoring opportunities, and panels to festival presence and alumni groups, the Office of Alumni Relations is dedicated to providing support for alumni after they’ve left the NYU campus.

Each day we are enhancing scholarships, providing cutting edge curriculum and equipment, and ensuring that we hire stellar working professionals to join our faculty. Together, we are training the next generation of great artists and scholars who will go on to do extraordinary things. 

Your Dollars At Work

NYU Tisch continually strives to provide the very best arts education to students from around the world. Below are some examples of ways in which your generosity can change the lives of Tisch students.

The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music

The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music

"You have afforded me with so much opportunity and experience that this letter alone could not show my gratitude. You have made me able to learn and immerse myself in this amazing program, from learning about Music Business to learning about the process of making a record from scratch. It also instilled confidence in me which I struggled with, having a dream that many others don't see as attainable. Being here immersed in New York culture and having a look into the holistic program Clive has, I am now set on New York. None of this would've been possible without the opportunity of the scholarship I've received for Summer High School. Without this scholarship, I wouldn't be in New York and for that I'm forever grateful that I received it.  "

- Tisch Summer High School Scholarship Recipient, Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music

The Kanbar Institute of Film & Television

The Kanbar Institute of Film & Television

“By lightening the financial burden for my thesis film, you have allowed me to prioritize being creative, while also enabling me to create high-quality work. I assure you I will strive to make the best film I can, and know that the result will be an important demonstration of my capabilities, permitting for even greater things to come in my future career. I thank you for this immensely.”

- Production Award Recipient, Undergraduate Film & Television, Kanbar Institute of Film & Television


"I would not be here had it not been for this program. NYU was the only school I applied to, and even that, was in secret. When I opened my admissions letter and scholarship package, I was in shock. The Dean’s Scholar program has given me the opportunity to comfortably explore my passions in a safe but rigorous way."

- NYU Tisch Dean's Scholar Scholarship recipient

Moving Image Archiving & Preservation

Moving Image Archiving & Preservation

“I would like to thank you for your generous grant, which has allowed me to intern at the New York Public Library Reserve Film and Video Collection, while studying Moving Image Archiving and Preservation at New York University. I can say with confidence that, thanks to this internship, I now have much greater experience and a better eye for film and how to properly care for it. I am very grateful for the wealth of hand-on experience that your grant has allowed me to gain through this internship, which has been as instructive as any class I have taken, if not more so.”

- Internship Stipend Recipient, Moving Image Archiving & Preservation M.A. Program


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