Message from Dean Green

Dean Allyson Green
Dean Allyson Green

Tisch School of the Arts is a place to thrive and feel that you belong. Our community thrives because of the many ways in which our students, faculty, staff, and visitors contribute each day. We are an open and diverse community made up of artists and scholars from around the world and across the nation. Building and appreciating our community is one of the keys to our success. We believe that everyone has an important contribution to make in this world. Our promise is to support those journeys in every way that we can. 

Belonging to a community means that you have a voice that we value greatly. There’s no doubt that there will be times this year when you’ll face difficult conversations or points-of-view that are different than yours. Please engage with empathy and respect. Be curious and open to surprises. There is no denying that a read of the news reveals an anxious fractured time, with daily stories that often break my heart. At the same time, there are also stories of the work that we are doing that fill me with inspiration and determination. Let’s make more of those stories and model kindness to one another. 

This is what we artists do: we question and gather evidence to try to make sense of the world and then create something new. We are artist citizens on the frontlines, armed with the power of images, of words, of movement, of games, of ideas to share our vision. Perhaps there is nothing more important to society and culture than for us to do our work. So let’s get to work!

You belong here, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you will create next!

With gratitude,