Internships & Employment Opportunities

Experiential education is crucial to the Clive Davis mission. Internships provide valuable learning, growth and networking opportunities, bridging the gap between the classroom and the real world. All Clive Davis Institute students are required to complete at least 2 credits of a credit-bearing internship before graduation. At the Clive Davis Institute, a credit-bearing internship experience may be:

Industry Internship: Students work with a company in the music industry or other desired field to gain professional hands-on experience.  Credit-bearing industry internships may be paid or unpaid depending on the field and on the company.

Community-Based (Service Internship): Students work with a non-profit or community-based organization in their field of interest. Some students may provide a direct service to under-resourced and served communities, while others may focus on advocacy and raising  awareness  about causes ranging from access to health care to social justice.

Both types of internships are carefully monitored pre-professional learning experiences that includes CDI faculty advisement, and help students to gain valuable skills and experience, build connections, test and confirm future career paths.

Industry Internships

Internships are available on a semester-by-semester basis, and offer real-world learning in a wide range of music industry specializations. Previous positions have provided opportunities for learning in the following areas:

  • Studio Production
  • Audio Engineering
  • Music Composition
  • A&R
  • Digital Marketing
  • Music Supervision
  • Public Relations
  • Music Publishing
  • Music Licensing
  • Editorial/Music Journalism
  • Social Media Management
  • Branding
  • Artist + Venue Booking
  • Artist Management
  • Tour Management
  • Mixing/Mastering
  • Video Production/Editing
  • Experiential Production
  • Event + Festival Production
  • Creative Direction
  • Studio Management
  • Entertainment Law
  • Festival Production
  • Music Technology

...and many more!

Employment Opportunities

Since our first graduating class in 2007, our alumni have impacted all facets of the music industry, and continue to do so. Our alumni are successful entrepreneurs, executives, songwriters, performers, producers, journalists, and more. They work at labels, publishing houses, recording studios, and startups – to name a few – and act as industry leaders shaping a continually shifting landscape. Many have also gone on to launch and are actively running their own successful business ventures.

Previous Companies Providing Internships and/or Employment Opportunities to CDI Students and Alums: