January Courses for Visiting Students


January 3 - 19, 2024

Every winter break, the Clive Davis Institute offers courses for non-majors and visiting students.  Students from NYU can register for our courses online via ALBERT, and anyone with a high school diploma can apply to become a visiting student!
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female playing guitar

"We Resist" Part of Winter Jazzfest, Toshi Reagon's band, Photo: Steven Pisano

REMU-UT 1020 Digital Audio Workstations: ProTools 
Instructor: Phil Painson
2 credits | In-Person or Remote
Tuesdays to Fridays | 3:30-5:40pm

During this course, students will acquire an in-depth, theoretical and practical knowledge of Digital Audio Workstations using the industry standard Pro Tools software through a weekly, lab-based workshop. Each class will be a combination of lecture and immediate application.  An emphasis will be placed on getting to know Pro Tools, getting inside Pro Tools, creating sessions, working with media in sessions, audio recording, audio editing, file management techniques, MIDI recording, editing techniques, mixing techniques, backups and stereo mix-down.

To enroll, once you have access to Albert, the NYU registration system, find REMU-UT 1020 for-credit or NCRD-UT 8520 for non-credit. There is a lab fee for this course.

REMU-UT 1040 Engineering the Record I
Instructor: Michael O'Reilly
2 credits | In-Person Only
Tuesdays to Fridays | 9-11:10am

In recent years, access to affordable audio recording equipment and software has given rise to a new breed of recording engineer and producer. Intuitive software design, plus short-cut “how to” videos and websites can make for rewarding early experiences for the DIY engineer, but those resources may only tell part of the story. A producer or engineer’s versatility and efficiency are often limited without a deeper understanding of the processes. This course aims to help students understand fundamental principles that form the basis of tried and true recording techniques, allowing them to make informed decisions in each stage of the recording process and, ultimately, make better recordings. Through a series of discussions, hands-on exercises, recording sessions, and projects, students will learn about the propagation of sound, microphone design and implementation, signal flow, basic signal processing, and fundamental recording and mixing techniques. Emphasis is placed on critical listening, preparation, class participation, professionalism, and teamwork.

To enroll, once you have access to Albert, the NYU registration system, find REMU-UT 1040 for-credit or NCRD-UT 8540 for non-credit. There is a lab fee for this course.

REMU-UT 1016 The Virtual Producer: Beats & Beatmaking
Instructor: K-Salaam
2 Credits | In-Person or Remote
Tuesdays & Thursdays | 6-9:30pm

This course will cover various professional Music Production Techniques & Strategies such as: Sampling (& Sample Chopping), Drum Programming / Drum Design, Synthesis & Sound Design, Music Theory (in the context of Music Production), MIDI Editing, as well as numerous Mixing Techniques. Over the course of the class, through the utilization and knowledge of these various skills, students will learn how to create Original Music Compositions & Productions. The primary DAW platform for the course is Ableton. While a Beatmaker / Composer / Producer must be well versed in the application of various software and hardware tools, as well as the many Production skills & techniques, they must also have artistic vision and creative efficacy. So while the course is about Music / Beat Construction and the tools involved, there will also be a strong emphasis on innovative envision, inventive mobility, and how to think / strategize like a Music Producer.

To enroll, once you have access to ALBERT, the NYU registration system, find REMU-UT 1016 for-credit or NCRD-UT 8516 for non-credit. There is a lab fee for this course.