Non-Major Course Enrollment

The Fall 2024 Open Access period will open on April 29, 2024.

If you are a non-major student and are interested in taking CDI courses, please refer to our Open Access list. You may use this list to determine:

  1. Which CDI classes are open to you (if the course or section isn’t on the list, it is not open to non-majors) 
  2. What the course prerequisites or class standing requirements are
  3. The date that you are eligible to begin self-enrolling in the class via Albert (Open Access Date)

Please note: If a course is listed on the open access form but does not have an open access date listed, this means:

  • The course requires instructor approval or
  • The course is crosslisted with the Open Arts department and students should enroll in the course via the Open Arts course ID

You will be able to directly enroll, space permitting, on the Open Access date, but will also be able to enroll on an Open Access Waitlist once your enrollment appointment has begun. If there is room in the course on the Open Access date, any students on the Open Access waitlist will be automatically enrolled (as long as it will not put you over the term maximum for credits and will not cause a time conflict with existing enrollments).

For instructions on how to register or use functions within Albert, please refer to the Albert Help Guides.

Summer & J-Term: Unfortunately, most of our production and performance courses are not available for non-major enrollment during the fall and spring semesters. However, over the summer and J Term semesters all of our course offerings are open to all NYU visiting and non-major students.

Additional notes:

  • Non-majors are strictly prohibited from reaching out to our faculty prior to enrolling in a course, unless the course requires instructor approval.
  • Some Recorded Music coursework requires non-refundable fees. These fees are non-refundable after the Add/Drop period. No exceptions will be made, and under no circumstance can the fees be waived.