Transfer Policy




  • Up to 48 credits total may be transferred. This includes credits taken at any previous institutions, as well as AP or IB courses (Please refer to the Tisch AP Test Policy & Procedures Handbook for details).
  • Any courses taken within the Clive Davis Institute prior to matriculation (ex. as a summer student, non-major or visiting student) will transfer in above and beyond the 48-credit limit.
  • As a transfer student, you will receive a Statement of Transfer Credit detailing allocation of the transferred credits, and you will have one academic year to request any re-allocations. Transfer credits will be allocated in the best manner to fulfill your degree requirements and allow the maximum flexibility to take the most credits possible within the major.
  • Once accepted all transfers are highly encouraged to take production courses with us over the summer term.


As a transfer student, you are required to maintain a minimum of five full-time semesters.


  • If you have significant professional experience and/or previous college coursework, you may request permission to be waived out of coursework and/or be granted equivalency for courses taken at other institutions. All waivers and/or equivalencies must be requested and evaluated prior to your first semester at The Clive Davis Institute.
  • You must always complete a minimum of 58 credits within The Clive Davis Institute in order to fulfill major requirements. Courses granted equivalency status will count towards the 58-credit requirement. 
  • You must always meet the minimum number of courses required in a distribution area within the major. Waived courses and equivalent courses will count towards the number of classes required in a distribution area. As long as you have met the minimum number of courses required in a distribution area, that distribution area will be considered fulfilled. However, you will still need to meet the 58-credit major requirement by taking additional coursework in any distribution area within the major.


You may request to take a placement exam for any of the below courses by emailing a detailed request to Nick Sansano.

  • Engineering the Record I & II - Oral placement interview and exam with instructor
  • Fundamentals of Audio Workstations I & II - Written exam and interview with instructor
  • Producing Music with Software & Midi - Written exam and interview with instructor
  • Music Theory - All incoming students must take a placement exam on NYU Classes to register for the appropriate level of REMU-UT 1106 Musicianship: Music Theory & Construction. If you receive a 90% or better on this exam, you may take an additional exam to place out of the class completely. If you receive a grade of 93% or better on this second exam, you will be waived out of the Musicianship: Music Theory & Construction requirement.
    • You may not receive credit for the AP Music Theory Exam.
    • If you have taken the below sequence of courses in Steinhardt - Music Technology and have received a grade of C or better, you may be eligible for either a waiver or receiving credit for course equivalency equivalency, depending on which best suits your degree completion: 
      • Completion of both MPATC-UE 0035 Music Theory I AND MPATC-UE 0036 Music Theory 2 with grades of C or better, or completion of MPATC-UE 0037 Music Theory 3 or MPATC-UE 0038 Music Theory 4 with grade of C or better = automatic waiver of REMU-UT 1106 Musicianship: Music Theory & Construction.
      • Completion of any (2) two of the following courses with grades of C or better: MPATC-UE 0072-075 Keyboard Harmony & Improvisation I-IV.


If you have significant previous experience or previous college level music business courses, you may request to take a waiver exam for the following course by emailing a detailed request to Lauren Davis.

  • REMU-UT 1215 The Business of Music: Industry Essentials - Oral placement interview and written exam with instructor. You must receive a grade of 90% or better to receive a waiver and/or equivalency. 
    • If you have taken both of the following two courses in Steinhardt - Music Business and received grades of C or better, you may be eligible to request a waiver exam an/or receive credit for course equivalency: MPAMB-UE 1222 Economic and Legal Setting of the Music Industry and MPAMB-UE 0221 The Business Structure of the Music Industry.

If you have any questions about the program or the application process, please feel free to contact us at 212.992.8400 or