Alumni Council

The Alumni Council, introduced in 2022, is a diverse eleven-member unit that seeks to improve the lives of students and graduates of the program. The purpose of The Alumni Council is multi-fold: to enrich and bolster CDI’s alumni network, in New York, Los Angeles, and around the world; and to foster a collective sense of pride in the Clive Davis Institute, Tisch School of the Arts, and NYU; To forge offline and online connections and mutually beneficial relationships between prospective students, current students, and alumni of the Clive Davis Institute through events, programs, mentorship initiatives, and other forms of collaboration; To provide diverse forms of support and career tools to alumni of the Clive Davis Institute as they pursue their post-graduate creative aspirations and professional development plans; To build community for the Clive Davis Institute and to support philanthropic initiatives in keeping with University-wide institutional goals; and much more. Council members serve a one-year term, renewable for at least three consecutive terms.