Where the real world and the classroom converge.

The Clive Davis Institute cultivates the next generation of leaders and visionary creative entrepreneurs in music. With a holistic approach to learning, our curriculum mandates all students focus on music business & technology, musicianship and performance, music production, and writing, history, & emergent media. We place a special emphasis on experiential education, giving our students a competitive edge in the demanding music industry.

Once here, you'll take business courses as they relate to the specialized needs of the contemporary music industry in tandem with a series of production and musicianship courses. You'll be expected to become proficient in a range of popular music practices. Concurrently, you'll explore critical writing and music journalism, delving into the cultural impact of popular music and the history of contemporary musical genres. 

To complete the graduation process, you'll create a "Professional Development" project - a customized, entrepreneurial music business venture. Like a thesis, Pro Dev is the culmination of the creative, technical and business skills you have acquired. Then, in front of a panel of distinguished music industry leaders, you'll have five minutes to pitch your innovative idea, accompanied by a business plan. You'll then receive 10-15 minutes of constructive feedback from the panel of industry leaders, selected for their expertise in relevant fields.