Donna Cameron

Open Arts Faculty

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Donna Cameron teaches Politics of Portraiture (2005-current) in NYU-TSOA's Open Arts Program. 

Other university courses taught by Professor Cameron include: Collaborative Arts Workshop (2016), CA-TSOA-NYU; Video for Photographers, Black and White Photography, (1999-2004) P&I-TSOA-NYU; Multimedia Workshop, Sight  & Sound Video, MKI-UGFTV-TSOA-NYU; Visual Design of the Frame in Film, Video and New Media, (1999-2002) SCPS-NYU; 16mm Film Production Workshop (2004-2006), FMD-NSU; Computer ArtsThesis Production (1999-2002) CAD/UG-SVA.

B.F.A. School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Film, Photography, Multimedia; Rhode Island School of Design, Painting, Drawing, Photography, Animation
M.P.S. New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, InterTelecommunications (ITP)
M.A. New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, Cinema Studies

Donna Cameron has been teaching media production to undergraduates, graduate students, professional media artists and teachers at NYU since 1994, and has alternately served as an Academic Advisor, a Lecturer, Teacher, and Visiting Assistant Professor at the Tisch School of the Arts for several decades. Her work as a contributing member of curriculum committees, executive committees, creative process, and production workshop development committees in the various departments in which she has worked is extensive. As an independent artist and multimedia director-producer, her diverse local, national and international clientele includes eminent writers, musicians, educators, actors, dancers, arts foundations, and commercial production houses.

Prof. Cameron is a 2005 Rockefeller Fellowship nominee. Her independent personal cinema and creative photography use Cinematic Paper Emulsion (CPE), a unique process that fuses diverse and kindred imaging traditions found in her rich American and multiracial heritage. She was awarded a U.S. patent for CPE in 2001, and her CPE work has earned her three MacDowell Fellowships (1998,1999, 2000), two Jerome Foundation Fellowships, (1990, 1993), Two Black Maria Fiim Festival Director's awards (1991,1994), two Jose de Creeft Memorial Awards (1985,1986), two invitations to exhibit in the Biennale di Venezia (2005, 2007), two one-woman programs in the MoMA’s millennial show, "Making Choices" (2000), and inclusion in The Whitney Museum of American Art’s Millennial Exhibition, "The Color of History, the Color of Thought, Women in Avant-Garde Film in America” (2000), Sundance Channel spots(1998, 2002, 2006), and representation in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, NY. The MoMA's Circulating Film Library distributes her film and video art. (1991-present)

Cameron's national lecture and writing venues include The National Gallery and The National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC, The Museum of Modern Art, The International Center for Photography and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, and the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Il.

Board, Vice-President, The New York Film and Video Council

University Council of Arts Educators

Senior Editor, Manhattan Arts International Magazine

Collected and Distributed Film Artist, The Museum of Modern Art, NY

MacDowell Foundation Fellow.

Jerome Foundation Fellow.

Elodie Osborne Fellow of Film and Video.

Rockefeller Fellowship Nominee.

CEO and Founder, papercam films.

Inventor, U.S. Patent for Cinematic Paper Emulsion.

Dedicated parent of a recent college graduate.