Jessica Findley

Class of 2001

Headshot of Jessica Findley

>>What are you working on?

Currently, I am working on Mytheotypes. A series of photographs (lenticular & 3D) animations/ that plays between cultural stereotypes into mythological creatures.

I am trying out this new artist/producer platform to support this work. If you would like to co-produce this work

I am gearing up to work on new music. Some past sounds:

I am designing the NYCommons website (coming soon) They are a great org who's resources work to keep public property open for community use.

I work with a wonderful non-profit developing and co-teaching art integration programs with public elementary school teachers.  Weaving art back in!

I've been working on murals with my design students

I am also collaborating on long distance art projects and writing and illustrating a children's book

>>What are you excited by?

Collaborating with artists - hit me up!j

Learning to be a better teacher - biggest reward so far: being the recipient of an entire kindergarten class hug followed by a running jump hug from one kindergartener.

Beats that make me dance - send me some!

>>What do you want to brag to us about?  

My inflatable bike ride project the has been puffing its way around the world since 2004 and will happily go wherever it is invited - want to bring the ride to you? email me! SoCal ride in the works so stay tuned or just join the mailing list.

>>What did you try, and in the spirit of Red, fail at utterly and completely?

To be normal. Never ever works.

How do you find your degree relates to what you're working on now?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.