William P Bennett

ITP Post-Doctoral Fellow

headshot of Billy Bennett

Billy Bennett came to ITP from Nashville, where he worked as a musician, recording and mixing engineer, producer, and touring live sound engineer.  His work includes a diverse set of artists including MGMT, Of Montreal, The Whigs, and The Drive-By Truckers.  Music remains a part of his current art practice, but he has greatly expanded his understanding into computer programming, making interactive musical pieces like his magical, musical wand.

Helping others through education is a core value for Billy.  In 2019, with the help of ITP faculty and student volunteers, he launched The Coding Lab - a walk-up help desk for NYU students to get help with their code.  He has also been an adjunct professor of audio engineering at Belmont University in Nashville, a coding mentor at Vidcode, and a beta-tester for instrument startup Artiphon.  

Billy is originally from Athens, Ga, and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.  He has a BA in Management from the University of Georgia and an MPS degree in Interactive Telecommunications from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Subject areas: recording and mixing audio, music production, DAW software (Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton Live), MaxMSP, MIDI, video editing (Premiere), motion graphics (After Effects), Javascript (p5.js, Node.js), Python, Processing, Arduino, OSC network communication, OpenCV with Kinect in OpenFrameworks