Sonia Li

Class of 2014

Headshot of Sonia Li

Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan

What was your favorite class while at ITP?

I really enjoyed Eric Rosenthal and Dan Shiffman’s classes, and Processing lessons from Mimi Yin. On a personal level, the two year period allowed room for self growth which is a class in itself. I have yet to graduate from that class.

What are you working on now and where?

Naturally, ITPers tend to have a lot of ideas. I’m juggling different projects; a sensory based installation on the weather, co-working and workspace design, and raising funds to make things happen in NYC, with thoughts of expanding to another city.

What advice would you give a current ITPer?

Pursue what you think is right for yourself and don’t take things personally.

If you could learn a new “thing” (language, place, person) right now, what would it be?

I’m learning about the art of business and applying that to the pursuit of my artistic career. Making money is an art form in itself.