Alex Dodge

Class of 2012

Headshot of Alex Dodge

ITP Year: 2012

Hometown: Denver, CO

Current Location: Brooklyn, NY

What was your favorite class while at ITP?

Art Kleiner’s “Future of the Infrastructure” was incredible and really offered some powerful tools for thinking about evolving technologies and culture from a holistic viewpoint. Allison Parish’s “Reading and Writing Electronic Text” was also a wonderful class that was an essential confluence of raw code and creative process. Dan Shiffman’s ICM and “Nature of Code” were so important for me.

What are you working on now and where?

I have a fine art studio practice and show my work regularly. I also run a co-research space and technology consultancy in Brooklyn aptly named Brooklyn Research. Brooklyn Research was founded by myself and fellow ITP alumni, Johnny Lu ‘12, and Ezer Longinus ‘12. The space continues to evolve with new members and new toys.

What advice would you give a current ITPer?

Don’t let go of the friends and communities that have started at ITP. Build them, grow them, and support them. Whether you consider your work as art, entrepreneurship, or research, they are supported and enriched by the diversity within your community. Support your friends always, they will support you, over time you will all grow to do incredible things.

If you could learn a new “thing” (language, place, person) right now, what would it be?

Improve my Japanese to maybe the level of a 4 or 5 year old (currently at age 2 or 3 equivalency)