Maia Marinelli

Class of 2005

Headshot of Maia Marinelli

Currently working on a series of mechanized data visualization kinetic sculptural environments that react to and mutate with meteorological changes. This research is inspired by the relationship between the rapidly changing meteorological patterns of the Arctic territories and the growing controversial phenomenal of “Arctic land rush”,  land appropriation and land rights of the UN’s Arctic territories.

I have been selected as an Artist in Residency at The Arctic Circle, GlogauAIR, Firs Art Foundation and Perth Institute of Technology. My work has been featured at Sculpture by the Sea (Perth, Australia), GloguAIR (Berlin, Germany), Burning Man,  L.A. Center for Digital Art, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Genoa, Italy. My experience also includes working as a creative technologist for both theater production and interactive installations, designer at the Benetton Experimental Communication Center and photojournalist/writer for Colors Magazine International.