Macaulay Campbell

Class of 2011

Headshot of Macaulay Campbell

Macaulay Campbell has been named Director of Brand Strategy at Ted Moudis Associates (TMA), a leadingarchitectural and interior design firm. He received an MPS, interactive technologies with a focus on sustainability from NYU’s ITP program in 2011.


As an integrated member of the TMA design team, leading the firm’s branding practice, Macaulay will help clients explore the multitude of opportunities for brand expression within the built environment. He has 15 years of experience interpreting and visualizing raw data, concepts, processes, and ideas within both the media and editorial world as well as the architecture and design industry.


Macaulay’s recent work includes the branding for NASCAR’s new Manhattan workspace. He has also developed a TMA Brand Approach that helps clients understand the variety of ways to infuse their brand into newly designed spaces.