Q&A with St. Vincent Keyboardist Daniel Mintseris

Thursday, Jun 29, 2017

Daniel Mintseris – who plays the keyboard and does Ableton for Loma Vista artist, St. Vincent – joined this week’s Producing Music with Software and MIDI summer class. In addition to his work with St. Vincent, he’s previously worked with David Byrne and Martha Wainwright. Born and raised in Lithuania, Daniel studied classical piano beginning at seven years old and shortly after discovered his love for computers and technology. 

What’s some of your proudest work?

Working with St. Vincent. I’ve done a lot of things before and since but that was the best fit I’ve ever had. It was the best fit musically, in terms of skillset and personality. She’s been really good to me. Her new record is coming out soon – you’ll see more. 

What’s some advice you’d give to new students entering this program and entering a new phase in their music career? 

Get as much out of it as you can. Tap into all the resources. When I went to school I took courses I wasn’t necessarily supposed to take, but I was interested and had time. Make sure you take advantage of everything the program has to offer while you’re here. And find a good focus. Find something you really love within it. That’s just good advice in general. Find something you love, do that, and have it be good to you. There’s so much going on in music, so much you can do. Find an aspect or a number of aspects of it that really appeal to you that you don’t mind living and breathing for the rest of your life (or at least for a long time). Hopefully that will be good to you. Stay focused and stay open. 

Favorite part about putting different sounds together?

I like finding something unique that fits the bill perfectly and doesn’t sound like something you’ve already heard. I just want to be excited. Find a sound that makes you go, “Yeah! Cool!” It’s very primal like that.