Erik W. Stinehart

Recorded Music Technician IV

Erik Stinehart

Hailing from the good ol' state of Massachusetts, Erik decided music and sonics were his passion from an early age. He dedicated his efforts to studying audio engineering at the University of Hartford, along with electronics engineering and digital multimedia technology. There, he pursued being a Studio Assistant at the Samuel I. Ward Audio Studios, Chapter Secretary for the Hartford AES chapter, and an adjunct faculty member teaching microprocessor and DC/AC fundamentals courses. He then moved to coastline CT where he picked up working with GDEB on Virginia-Class and Columbia-Class Submarines under new construction and development for the US Navy. After half a decade within the military industrial complex, Erik decided it was time to finally make the jump to New York because if you have a dream, this is the city where you can make that happen.

Erik is now a technician with Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, and when he isn’t working he enjoys making music, acting, and playing video games.