Kevin Killen

Adjunct Instructor

Kevin Killen has spent the last 34 years compiling an impressive list of credentials among the premier pop artists in the music industry, from Peter Gabriel to Elvis Costello, Kate Bush to Jewel, Bon Jovi to Shaun Colvin. Throw in the names of U2, Bryan Ferry, Shakira, Sugarland and Duncan Sheik and you get the idea. 

Growing up in a large family of eight children, Kevin was exposed from a young age to the disparate tastes of his elder siblings. This included a healthy dose of Motown, the Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Thin Lizzy to Free. He also became an avid fan of Europe's first pirate commercial radio station, "Radio Luxembourg" and  the BBC's" Old Grey Whistle Test" which was responsible for introducing a plethora of new and emerging artists in non-formatted broadcasts. 

Kevin moved to NYC in the mid 1980's and has continued to expand the roster of artists that he works with. In the last few years Kevin received 5 Grammy awards for his contributions to the Shakir's "Oral Fajacion" Albums. In 2004 he co-founded the first music online collaboration website -eSession with his friend Gina Fant Saez. in 2007 he mixed his first country album for Sugarland and scored a number 1 hit.  In December 2009 Kevin was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Jazz Instrumental Category for his work on Allen Toussiants "The Bright Mississippi". His most recently  completed projects include Australian artists Ben Butler, GoodBye Motel, UK based all girl rock band Fake Club, the great Bobby McFerrin, Liz Brennan, Jen Chapin, Bear Bones and French based artist David Guez. Kevin is currently mixing Suzanne Vega's latest album and is engineering a project fro legendary producer Tony Visconti.