Filmmakers J - L


  • Photo of David B. Jacobs

    David B. Jacobs, UG

    555-SEXY, 14:57

    555-SEXY is an absurdist dark comedy following dysfunctional middle-aged couple the Brussells, who both participate in extramarital affairs on the same night. As one thing unexpectedly leads to another, their parallel experiences threaten to sever their relationship entirely.

  • Photo of Neeraj Jain

    Neeraj Jain, UG

    Hiraeth, 16:00

    Ten years later, Aidan returns to the battlegrounds where he and his squad once fought a war against aliens. He is haunted by his inner demons and must fight them to overcome his survivor's guilt.

  • Photo of Raven Johnson

    Raven Johnson, GR

    Tween, 8:00

    A tween girl of African descent visits a friend's house for a slumber party. However, when another girl shows up, their girl's night slowly turns into a nightmare for the only 'black girl.' This short film explores how jealously collides into prejudices, rendering an important moment in the life of a tween, black girl.

  • Photo of William Johnson

    William Johnson, UG

    Memory Sync, 7:36

    In a dystopian, dilapidated future where pollution and waste have shrouded the world in darkness, discarded toy robot, separated from home, relies on his memories to find his way back to the loving arms of his only friend.

  • Photo of Julia Jones

    Julia Jones, UG

    Buckets, 13:30

    A girl learns the brutal sacrifices it takes to satisfy her love.



  • Photo of Seran Kim

    Seran Kim, TA

    Kimchi Taco, 14:16

    Traumatized by the brutal murder of her husband in Spanish Harlem, a Korean shopkeeper finds an unexpected ally in a young Mexican woman with a secret.

  • Photo of Benjamin Klein and Violet Columbus,

    Benjamin Klein and Violet Columbus, UG

    Willy, 10:30

    The story follows Willy during a live taping of the television show he's hosted for years. While the rest of the cast and crew attempt to keep the show running smoothly, Willy repeatedly derails the broadcast due to his massive ego and boorish behavior.

  • Photo of Tony Koros

    Tony Koros, GR

    Chebet, 12:11

    A pregnant woman in the Kenyan highlands decides to take drastic action against her alcoholic husband when she finds him passed out in front of their house yet again.



  • Photo of Mitchell Lazar

    Mitchell Lazar, UG

    The Spotter, 8:52

    In the near future, a criminal is roped into helping a group flee from an oppressive government surveillance system.

  • Photo of Madeline Leshner

    Madeline Leshner, UG

    Factory 91, 20:00

    Above the quiet Bellery suburb lives a mysterious Doctor in an old, deteriorating factory. Mary is curious.

  • Photo of Erica Liu

    Erica Liu, UG

    Ocean Song, 7:51

    Inspired by a true story, a whale outcast by his own kind, ventures out in search of a friend who shares his unique song.