Filmmakers S - T


  • Photo of Rikke Louise Schødt

    Rikke Louise Schødt, GR

    Distance, 12:00

    Forced to spend Christmas in the rough nature of Northern Denmark, 10 year old Emma is determined to make Christmas a joyous celebration. Even without mom.

  • Photo of Dani Schoffman

    Dani Schoffman, UG

    The Pixie Fighters, 15:00

    When David, an 8-year-old boy, learns that his father has leukemia and the prognosis is poor, he decides to find the cure himself.

  • Photo of Ben Sharif

    Ben Sharif, UG

    Enchantment Falls, 9:00

    Francis escapes his turbulent family to a surreal, dream-like fantasy world where everything seems perfect...

  • Photo of Michael Sheptok

    Michael Sheptok, UG

    A New Year, 18:19

    A college freshman returns to his Hurricane Sandy battered hometown at the Jersey Shore, and slowly discovers he's grown apart from his community, especially his childhood best friend. An Undergraduate Thesis Film about returning home to a dying community, fading friendships, and the toxic effects of the male pack mentality.

  • Photo of Connor Smith

    Connor Smith, UG

    Shakespeare at the Point, 30:00

    Elementary school students from Hunts Point in the South Bronx stage a production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.

  • Photo of Mina So

    Mina So, UG

    The White Stag, 4:25

    Two kids go into a mysterious forest to try to find the legendary white stag.

  • Photo of Daniel Sorochkin

    Daniel Sorochkin, UG

    Shady Pines, 28:00

    Kayla Rivers, an upbeat employee at the Department of Health, is assigned to do an inspection of Shady Pines nursing home. But, a status report that was supposed to be a breeze quickly turns south as Kayla discovers the mad house that Shady Pines actually is.

  • Photo of David Soto

    David Soto, TA

    perennials, 16:00

    An older photographer has one last shot to impress her boss, but under the condition she work with the new assistant, half her age and may be taking over her position.



  • Photo of Anand Kishore Thaikkendiyil

    Anand Kishore Thaikkendiyil, TA

    Disco Obu, 20:00

    The relationship between a journalist and his subject, a former Bollywood child star who now drives an autorickshaw, is tested over the course of a day.