Filmmakers M - R


  • Photo of Eric McEver

    Eric McEver, TA

    Paleonaut, 16:00

    A scientist studying the first human time traveller falls in love with her subject. But if her research succeeds they will become separated by eons of history.

  • Photo of Ryan McGlade

    Ryan McGlade, UG

    Human Resources

    When a suburban office worker is killed by a hunter's stray bullet during a smoke break, his psychotic and diseased boss takes the freak accident as a sign of his personal messiah's apocalyptic return; as the boss spreads his biological and psychological disease into the into the office, his staff weighs the consequences of these twin disasters.

  • Photo of Nicole Mellilo

    Nicole Mellilo, UG

    MNSTR, 13:24

    When a young woman is drawn out to the club, her evening takes a turn for the worse as the night begins to mirror the beats of an impending panic attack. No longer able to ignore it, her anxieties take the form of physical monsters and she is forced to find the strength to overcome or give in once again to her anxiety.

  • Photo of Katherine Meng

    Katherine Meng, UG

    Nanny, 12:44

    A quiet and intimate look at the last moments between a nanny and the child she cares for, on the day before she leaves for an arranged marriage.

  • Photo of Francesca Mirabella

    Francesca Mirabella, GR

    Modern Love, 10:04

    A young man who lives his life through social media, has an encounter with a young woman who challenges his ideals about sexual stereotypes. He ultimately misunderstands her, and the discomfort of real intimacy has him retreat back into his world of social media.

  • Photo of Clifford Miu

    Clifford Miu, UG

    Porcupine, 10:00

    To protect her infant child on New Year's Eve from an impending intruder, a young widow asks the 911 operator for permission to shoot.



  • Photo of Ayesha Anna Ninan

    Ayesha Anna Ninan, TA

    Tara Versus, 20:00

    A struggling comedian has a hard time seeing the funny side of things when her career stagnates while her best friend gets a promotion.



  • Photo of Abhishek Prasad

    Abhishek Prasad, TA

    The Stock Boy, 18:42

    A grocery manager blackmails the new stock boy into carrying out a revenge plot against his business partner.



  • Photo of Theodore Rosenthal

    Theodore Rosenthal, UG

    Bunny, 18:11

    When a young and lonesome vagabond gets caught trying to steal food, he must use all his wits to escape the clutches of the farmer's daughter who caught him.