First Run 2022 Pandemic Make-Up Plans:

Due to the pandemic pause and delayed productions, we will not be holding FIRST RUN 2022 this Spring.  Students will not have completed enough films to submit by the deadline.   

To allow for a robust offering of films in the festival, we will hold two festivals during academic year 2022-23.  There will be FIRST RUN 2022 in the Fall of 2022, scheduled for October 20-23, and then FIRST RUN 2023 on our regular Spring schedule March 10-12, 2023.

Filmmakers will have TWO opportunities to submit their film to First Run in the academic year 2022-23. If they miss the application and media collection window for Fall 2022, they may submit their film to the festival in the Spring. *Students who submit for Fall First Run 2022 may not reapply with the same film for Spring First Run 2023. One entry to the festival will still apply.

In order to enter finished films for the next Fall First Run 2022, be on the lookout in July for the registration and media collection period.  Should July not be an ideal deadline, there will be the opportunity to register as always in December 2022 for the following Spring First Run 2023.

Please mark this schedule on your calendar, or to request being added to our festival calendar, email

The First Run Film Festival is the longest continuously running film festival in New York City. This annual festival culminates with the Wasserman Awards Ceremony featuring the Charles and Lucille King Family Foundation Awards.  

This festival features films, videos, and multimedia and animation projects from both undergraduates and graduates, who are eligible to win more than $50,000 in prizes.