Filmmakers C - E


  • Photo of Cosmo Carlson

    Cosmo Carlson, UG

    The Derby, 14:56

    When the three-time champion of the Pinewood Derby is challenged by his best friend, the champion breaks his moral code to keep his title.

  • Photo of David Chasmar

    David Chasmar, UG

    Mormon Mime Orgy, 8:00

    A Mormon Missionary begins to question his faith when he meets a girl.

  • Photo of Jiawei Cheng

    Jiawei Cheng, UG

    New Year, 20:00

    New Year tells a Chinese immigrant's life of struggle after his brother betrays him and makes him be in huge debt.

  • Photo of Paul Chung

    Paul Chung, UG

    Vivid, 28:00

    A colorblind painter is dry of inspiration. On the verge of getting kicked out from a gallery exhibition, he gets a package that enables him to see color. He takes the special pills and starts painting a colorful masterpiece. He then gains attraction from gallery seekers for this masterpiece. He then wakes up from his dream.

  • Photo of Nicholas Colia

    Nicholas Colia, GR

    Alex and the Handyman, 12:00

    A precious nine year old boy develops a crush on the moody twenty-five year old handyman who works in the mansion where he lives.

  • Photo of Benjamin Klein and Violet Columbus

    Violet Columbus and Benjamin Klein, UG

    Willy, 10:30

    The story follows Willy during a live taping of the television show he's hosted for years. While the rest of the cast and crew attempt to keep the show running smoothly, Willy repeatedly derails the broadcast due to his massive ego and boorish behavior.

  • Photo of Max Copolov

    Max Copolov, UG

    Full Circle, 14:00

    A runaway horse carriage strands a Hollywood actress in the Australian Outback, where she must now brave the hostile landscape and unfamiliar culture to make it safely back to set.

  • Photo of Christian Coppola

    Christian Coppola, UG

    Him, 12:38

    Max, a deaf 12-year-old, becomes infatuated with his big sister's boyfriend during a weekend retreat.



  • dia-mamadou.jpeg

    Mamadou Dia, GR

    Samedi Cinema, 11:00

    In a small city of Northern Senegal, two young cinephiles hatch a plan before their theater closes down forever.

  • dvorakova-marieV2.jpg

    Marie Dvorakova, GR

    Who's Who In Mycology, 15:00

    A young trombone player spends an adventurous night trying to open an impossible bottle of wine. An unconscious girl, a crooked bookcase and some mold get in his way, turning his world upside down. When the night is over he is forced to commit the ultimate act of courage.



  • erazo-natalieV2.jpg

    Natalie Erazo, UG

    Who is Alex Harsley?, 3:38

    A short documentary about East Village street photographer, Alex Harsley.

  • evangelista-mary.jpeg

    Mary Grace Evangelista, GR

    Ina Nyo, 12:00

    Ina Nyo is day in the life of Ana, a young housemaid in the Philippines. Desperate to send more money to her mother, Ana is caught up in the scruples of the precocious teenage daughter and the older wayward son of the house. She must now decide what she is willing to compromise to maintain her place in the household.