Filmmakers A - B


  • Devansh Agarwal, UG

    Devansh Agarwal, UG

    The Masked Murderer, 12:35

    An unassuming detective comes to interview a grieving woman regarding her boyfriend's death but little does he realize what he is getting into when he enters her home.

  • Adrian Anaya, UG

    Adrian Anaya, UG

    Das Rheingold, 15:00

    After a Nibelung steals a magic gold that brings infinite power, the gods above descend to Nibelheim to steal it and use it as ransom to rescue a kidnapped Goddess.

  • Haley Anderson, GR

    Haley Anderson, GR

    Get Out Fast, 12:04

    A narrated character portrait about Coyote Boy, a kid who starts hopping trains after growing bored in his small town and disappearing.

  • Margherita Arco, GR

    Margherita Arco, GR

    "Mami" Sagte, 14:42

    Empty spaces and forsaken artifacts in an abandoned farmhouse tell the story of an ailing mother and middle-aged son, Siegfried. Through Siegfried's compulsive writings on the walls, a co-dependent relationship between domineering "Mami" and Siegfried is revealed. Can Siegfried sacrifice his filial duty to find happiness? The voices of the past echo through the empty house.



  • barkan -barak.jpeg

    Barak Barkan, UG

    Killing The Fiddler, 7:16

    A comedy about Adam, a Jewish man, five minutes before he marries a non-Jewish woman, Vicky Cheung. Just before the ceremony, he is confronted by photographs of his ancestors, who come to life in order to prevent this "unholy" matrimony.

  • barrantes-tatiV2.jpg

    Tati Barrantes, GR

    Vincent, 13:00

    When his dog Vincent passes away, aging one-hit wonder Adrian Granado fears he's lost the last true fan he'll ever have.

  • buam-zachV2.jpg

    Zach Baum, UG

    Ride By Night, 17:30

    Joan, a pioneer woman, isolated after the death of her abolitionist husband, must decide if she will help Martha, a former slave fleeing for her life along the Underground Railroad. As Martha forces Joan's hand, they make their way North, leaving a trail of bodies in their wake.

  • bdeir-daniaV2.jpg

    Dania Bdeir , GR

    In White, 15:38

    Lara, a 24 year old Lebanese artist living in NYC, returns home to Beirut for her father's funeral. Her elegant strong-willed mother, Mona, pushes for Lara to behave in accordance with the social mores of Beirut and the traditional ways of grieving. Lara, in mourning and in need of her family, yields. Her Jewish Canadian fiancee, Noah, shows up to support her - but is surprised to discover that Lara has never told her family about him. Lara can't bring herself to risk losing her family but eventually must find a way to be true to herself.

  • berkshire-vera.jpeg

    Vera Berkshire, UG

    Dragon in Distress, 6:17

    In this fractured fairytale, a villainous Hag casts a wicked spell to switch places with a demure Princess, and her beloved Knight is completely clueless.

  • boyd-margarete.jpeg

    Margarete Boyd, UG

    Buddy, 2:30

    A stray puppy runs into trouble on the search for the owner of his dreams.

  • burns-ellenV2.jpg

    Ellen Burns, TA

    Do Not Disturb, 21:00

    Waggish housekeepers, Charmin and Alicia, stumble upon a duffle bag full of enough cash to turn their dreams into reality. Unfortunately, an overzealous pimp and his crack-dealing sidekick have dreams of their own.

  • byrnes-tom.jpeg

    Thomas Byrnes, UG

    I've Got A Son Called Rock 'N' Roll, 14:33

    A high school musician steals money from his father to put on a school rock show.