Filmmakers U - Z


  • Photo of Virgin Margaret

    Virgin Margaret

    Xinzheng Wang, 10:00

    A woman from a conservative upbringing is trying to come to terms with her sexuality.

  • Photo of Yonatan Weinstein

    Yonatan Weinstein

    LEECHER, 13:36

    Dr. Adam Leecher, an ambitious research scientist, has developed a vaccine for an evolving parasite that affects women only. He believes so blindly in the efficacy of his treatment that, even when denied permission to proceed with human trials, Adam won't give up until he can take it to the next level.



  • Photo of Xiuzhi Yang

    Xiuzhi Yang

    The Carpenters, 16:00

    A handicapped young man tries to prove himself to his overprotective carpenter father by stealing his job.



  • Photo of Ming Zeng

    Ming Zeng

    Empty Window, 15:00

    A successful commercial photographer runs out of inspiration. One day he accidentally captures a photo of a mysterious woman. He decides to spy and follow her in order to capture the perfect photo.

  • Photo of Beier (Bell) Zhong

    Beier (Bell) Zhong

    Blooming Night, 9:12

    Bell is a lonely, twenty-something street guy living in Shanghai. One day, wandering around in a run-down and stinky under path, he sees a pair of bright red heels passing by. The color stimulates something deep in his heart. Out of curiosity, he starts to follow its owner across the city of Shanghai and ends up in an old club where he discovers a forbidden community that he has never experienced with, hence begins to realize his hidden desires.

  • Photo of Juan Zuleta

    Juan Zuleta

    Letter, 15:00

    Jim's secret job as an online author of suicide letters is also his addiction. Unfortunately, his work and marriage begin to mix when a friend becomes a client - without his knowing.