Filmmakers F - H


  • Photo of MAX R. A. FEDORE


    OPERA of CRUELTY, 18:00

    In the avant-garde drama, OPERA of CRUELTY, a Young Victim invited to an immersive operatic production led by the Famed Fiend, a collector and protector of talent, finds himself infatuated with the Tempestuous Tigress, a young woman and the favorite performer, who wants nothing but to escape.

  • Photo of Yulia Fomenko

    Yulia Fomenko, UG

    Jihadi Street, 7:58

    Jihadi Street is a Sesame Street parody. It tries to answer the question - "What if ISIS produced children's television show to recruit kids?" Jihadi Street short film explores stark, profound realities of the current state of media, its' influence on children and adults around the world.

  • Photo of David Fu

    David Fu, UG

    Northshore, 19:51

    Northshore follows sixteen-year old Larissa Lannigan as she grapples with the implications of her best friend's murder and observes the gradual metamorphosis of her community through the lens of her own youthful subjectivity.



  • Photo of Philip Giordano

    Philip Giordano, TA

    Supot, 12:33

    After refusing a ritual intended to usher him into manhood, Rene-boy (10), tries alternate methods to remove this mark of cowardice.

  • Photo of Isaac Green

    Isaac Green, UG

    Beyond All, 9:00

    A police town, a legacy, time, and a ticket book.

  • Photo of Jared Greenwald

    Jared Greenwald, UG

    The Unholy War, 9:42

    Forced to read a prepared statement on camera, a couple in captivity must choose between abandoning their beliefs by reading a message that promotes hatred and violence, or facing death.



  • Photo of Cameron Harris

    Cameron Harris, TA

    In Our Words, 30:00

    In Our Words explores what African-Americans and Africans in the Diaspora in the U.S., South Africa, and Europe experience being Black

  • Photo of Jake Hirsch

    Jake Hirsch, UG

    Richard, 15:00

    The true story of Richard Nixon's bid for student body president in his junior year of high school.

  • Photo of Alan Homeri

    Alan Homeri, UG

    The Cardinal, 15:00

    A former leader of a street gang, Richie Elworth, wants to prove he is a reformed man once released from prison but realizes escaping his past is not as easy as he thought.

  • Photo of Jeremy Hung

    Jeremy Hung, UG

    Un vase à Chinatown, 15:00

    On a school trip to Chinatown, New York, three French students find themselves followed by two Chinese men, but have no idea why.