Dre London Talks the Power of Trusting Your Instincts at ReMu Talks

Wednesday, Dec 6, 2017

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On November 30, artist manager Dre London (clients include: Post Malone, Tank God, Lexy Panterra) was in conversation with student Nile "Maui" Adams for ReMu Talks: The Making of Post Malone's rockstar with Dre London. The conversation focused on what it takes to excel as a mastermind behind the scenes for one the biggest artists in the game. Towards the end, Post Malone Facetimed the audience to say hi. From "be psychological in creating leverage and opportunity" to "keep your foot on the gas" to "there is no recipe for a winning formula," Dre London offered some best practices and pointers for future artist managers as well as creative entreprenurs. 

Missed out on the event? Check out the RevoltTV piece which details the conversation.