ReMu Talks: Future of Music Journalism

ReMu Talks: Future of Music Journalism

In today’s world, media companies are diversifying their content and expanding their brand in unconventional ways.

The definition of journalism has evolved into content curation, experiential extensions of the brand, and a pivot from long form editorial to video. While this might not be the case across the board, this is a noticeable trend we’re seeing with various major media platforms shifting the focus of how they tell stories. This talkback will dive into the various roles of each panelist, how their brands have changed with the times, what defines a trend in this industry, and what this means for the future of storytelling. 

The conversation will feature: 

DEEPA LAKSHMIN | Entertainment & Lifestyle Reporter, MTV News

JACOB MOORE | Founder, Pigeons & Planes

JULIE RENE TRAN | Founder and Director of Marketing, All the Best Media

ROB MARKMAN | Head of Artist Relations, Genius

Moderated by Federico Mario Morris, Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music 2020