Popular Music Books in Process Series

The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music will continue its role this year as a co-sponsor of the Popular Music Books in Process series. 

This series, a collaboration between Journal of Popular Music Studies, IASPM-US, and the Pop Conference (whose host institution is now the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music), began in June 2020 and is meant to offer writers and scholars with books on all kinds of popular music, whether recently published or still in progress, a chance to connect with a deeply interested community of readers.

All events are scheduled for Mondays at 5pm ET. Email Eric.Weisbard@gmail.com to be added to the series email list and get Zoom links.

To see sessions from earlier in the series, go to our YouTube page.

Popular Music Books in Process Series Schedule, Winter-Spring 2023

Co-organizers: Kim Mack, Francesca Royster, Gustavus Stadler, Eric Weisbard and Carl Wilson for Journal of Popular Music Studies, IASPM-US, and the Pop Conference

January 16, Guthrie Ramsey, Jr., Who Hears Here? On Black Music, Pasts and Present (UC Press), in conversation with Tammy L. Kernodle

January 30, Charles Kronengold, Living Genres in Late Modernity: American Music of the Long 1970s (UC Press), in conversation with George Lipsitz

February 6, Mark Anthony Neal, Black Ephemera. The Crisis and Challenge of the Musical Archive (NYU Press), in conversation with Sasha Panaram and I. Augustus Durham

February 13, Lynn Melnick, I've Had to Think Up a Way to Survive: On Trauma, Persistence, and Dolly Parton (U of Texas Press), in conversation with Deborah Paredez, American Diva (in progress)

February 20, Gavin Butt, No Machos or Pop Stars: When the Leeds Art Experiment Went Punk (Duke U Press), in conversation with Ben Highmore.

February 27, Timothy R. Hoover, Soul Serenade: King Curtis and His Immortal Saxophone (U of North Texas Press), joint presentation with RJ Smith, Chuck Berry: An American Life (Hachette)

March 20, Dan DiPiero, Contingent Encounters: Improvisation in Music and Everyday Life (U of Michigan Press), in conversation with Christine Capetola

April 3, Christine Capetola, Sonic Femmeness: Black Culture Makers, Felt History, and Vibrational Identity (in progress), joint presentation with Lauren McLeod Cramer, A Black Joint (in progress)

April 17, Andrew Simon Media of the Masses: Cassette Culture in Modern Egypt (Stanford U Press), joint presentation with Christopher Silver Recording History: Jews, Muslims, and Music Across Twentieth Century North Africa (Stanford U Press)

May 1 Alex De Lacey, Level Up: Live Performance and Creative Process in Grime Music (Routledge/Ashgate), in conversation with Razor and Justin Williams    

May 15, Kim Mack, Living Colour’s Time’s Up (Bloomsbury)

May 22, Geoff Harkness, DVS Mindz: The Twenty-Year Saga of the Greatest Rap Group to Almost Make It Outta Kansas (Columbia U Press), in conversation with Stuart Tidwell, Daymond Douglas, Barry Rice, and De’Juan Knight

June 12, Janet Borgerson and Jonathan Schroeder, Designed for Success: Better Living and Self-Improvement with Midcentury Instructional Records (MIT Press)

June 19, Imani Kai Johnson, Dark Matter in Breaking Cyphers: The Life of Africanist Aesthetics in Hip Hop (Oxford U Press); joint presentation with Johnson and Mary Fogarty, co-editors, and authors from Oxford Handbook of Hip Hop Dance Studies