Free Tickets to MICHAEL THURBER's GIGANTIC ENERGY at Little Island's Storytelling Festival


Acclaimed composer, songwriter, bassist, actor (and CDI Instructor) Michael Thurber expresses himself through many vernaculars of music, including jazz, funk, classical and theater. Fresh off of the world premier of his new musical, he will be curating an eclectic evening featuring a number of artists he’s worked with over the years performing his original music as well as some classic tunes for Little Island. Michael has described the program as ‘a big explosion of gigantic energy.’ This event is part of Little Island's second annual Storytelling Festival,

Little Island is located at Pier 55 in Hudson River Park off West 13th Street in New York. It is  accessible by the A, C, E or L subway trains to 14th Street and 8th Avenue. 

The Clive Davis Institute is providing student tickets free of charge. This is a first-come, first-serve offer. Once we have reached capacity, the tickets will be gone. Because these tickets have been purchased on your behalf, your attendance is required once you reserve. 

This event counts toward the CDI Event Requirement.